I Hate the Prosperity Gospel

I am in agreement with Flacco his article. What is interesting is that Benny Hinn, one of the main purveyors of this heresy, seems to be moving away from it:


Most of those in the Renewal / Charismatic movement utterly reject the prosperity gospel. Young people see though the heresy as anti-Biblical and anti-Gospel.

Looking to God

Hate is a strong word. I rarely use it. When I do use it, I make it clear that I do not use it in jest, or without reason. When I say I hate something, I mean I abhor it, I detest it, and I wish it were not in existence.

Therefore, saying that I hate the prosperity gospel, I still feel I am putting it mildly. Frankly, I wish it would disappear never to deceive another Christian again.

What is the prosperity gospel?

Without giving you a long, drawn-out definition, I will make it simple: the prosperity gospel convinces Christians that God wants them to be wealthy, that he does not want his children to suffer, and that he wants them to enjoy every moment of this life, because he promised he would bless those who have faith enough to believe he would do just that.

In effect, the…

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Is The New Testament Reliable?

Here is a good, quick overview of the reliability of the New Testament.

Haden Clark

Critics of Christianity often claim that the Bible is full of errors and contradictions, historically inaccurate, and has been riddled with changes over the many years of translation. However, approaching the New Testament like one would approach any document from antiquity reveals something drastically different.


Dating the New Testament letters can be difficult and often leads to a difference of opinion among scholars. However, the majority of scholars – even the non-believing – agree that the four Gospels and Acts were written within a few decades (at max a century) of the time of the events recorded. This means the English translation of the New Testament you own is based on a very early recording of the events it tells. So goes the criticism of Christians adding to the New Testament over the centuries.

Number of Greek Manuscripts

We do not have the autographs, or original copies of the…

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2018 Yamaha Star Eluder First Ride | Baggers

Yamaha 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder First Ride Yamaha’s all-new stripped-down bagger By Jordan Mastagni Yesterday at 10:52am 0 Comments After riding Yamaha’s all-new Star Venture last summer, I returned home pretty damn spoiled. The bar had been set. Two-up, long-distance touring took on new meaning. I was impressed with Yamaha’s attention to detail for rider …



Today, Slingshot pulled the covers back on its most premium offering to date with the unveiling of the Grand Touring LE. Fully loaded and accessorized straight from the factory, the limited edition is the ultimate in comfort, style and technology. The Grand Touring LE features the most ergonomically-friendly Slingshade roof, which offers better rider comfort and sun protection.

Other features include Quilted Comfort Seats and industry-leading Ride Command infotainment system with turn-by-turn navigation.

Notable Quotes: “The Grand Touring LE is the perfect offering whether looking to escape town for the weekend or turn heads while cruising Main Street.” – Rachael Elia, Slingshot Marketing Manager

Pricing and Availability: The Grand Touring LE starts at around $30,000 USD and will be available at Polaris Slingshot dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada starting in early March.

Learn more here.

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Herod, Peter and God’s Will

Life Project Blog

Acts 12:1-19

Luke shifts scenes, this time we see Herod and his nefarious doings. He arrested some of the believers in Jerusalem to persecute them, and in the process James was murdered. With this act, Herod noticed his approval rating soaring amongst influential Jews, so he decided to kill Peter too; he was arrested and thrown into prison until Passover was over with, then he would face a show trial on trumped up charges and be killed, to the delight of the crowds.

It would seem that old Herod hadn’t cleared his devilish little plan with God, who had other ideas…

Luke goes to great pains to establish that Peter was very well guarded in the prison, since Herod was taking no chances, but in spite of that, Peter would escape. While Peter was sleeping soundly, chained up between two guards, an angel woke him up, told him to get…

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