My name is Gregg Johnston, and I live in Indian Land, SC (just a little south of Charlotte, NC). I have an M-Div from Regent University and I am taking CPE courses to become a Hospital Chaplain. I have been married to my wife Karry for 34 years. We homeschooled both of our kids and graduated both. What an adventure that was! My former career for over 22 years was in the software industry. In my copious amounts of spare time (NOT!), I love to listen to music (loud and heavy – Stryper, Bloodgood, Whitecross, Rush, Kansas), and read. I am an ordained chaplain with the International Fellowship of Chaplains and Lay Leader at my local church.

My spiritual foundations are quite eclectic. I was not raised in a Christian household, and our family did not often go to church. I did have experience going to a school run by fundamentalist Calvinist church when I was in Middle School (public schools were awful where we were). This kind of soured me to Christianity as a whole. However, in high school, I heard the gospel for the first time and gave my life to Christ through a Youth for Christ group. Some kids rebel by smoking or doing drugs. I rebelled by becoming a Christian. During high school, because my family was not Christian, I experienced many different denominational traditions – Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Christian & Missionary Alliance. In college, I met my wife, and she was Catholic and Charismatic, and that had a profound effect on my spirituality. I joined the Roman Catholic Church for about 5 years. Still, I found that I could not continue in that faith due to some troubling doctrinal positions. From there, I flirted with Reformed theology for a few years but wound up back in a C&MA where I was a deacon and an elder and on the preaching team. Our family moved to South Carolina in 2011, and for 6 years, we were part of a large evangelical megachurch. However, in 2017, God led us to a Vineyard church where I served as an ordained a Teaching Pastor. in 2020, the Lord led us to a small United Methodist Church associated with the Wesleyan Covenant and I serve there as Lay Leader.

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